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Litedark is urban food. Urban food is healthy, fresh & energizing. It fulfills all your body’s needs to perform best in a fast moving urban environment. Day... and night.

Urban food fits a lifestyle in which your lite and dark sides are balanced, as to enjoy the ultimate quality of life.

We believe
...everyone performs best when maintaining the right balance between a healthy lifestyle and enjoying all (not necessarily healthy) aspects of life.

We inspire
...you to find this balance in a delicious and no-nonsense manner. We don’t hype, but use common sense to create no-nonsense products that get the best out of you.

We create
...urban food: food and drinks with high nutritional value that fit an active lifestyle, without being too obsessed about calories, carbs and other stuff usually condemned by self-proclaimed health gurus. Complemented by urban sportswear to make you move the way you feel.

LITE/DARK Utrechtsestraat 22
08.00am – 07.00pm / Monday – Friday
10.00am – 07.00pm / Saturday
10.00am – 06.00pm / Sunday

/run for free shakes

Any Saturday morning until 12:00 go on an outdoor run and work that ass! Take a photo and post to Instagram with #litedarkrunclub and #litedark. Show in any of our stores before 12:00 and get a free shake! We love to see you sweat so make sure our stores are on your route!

/protein shakes

Most protein shakes suck when it comes to taste and freshness. So we put together a delicious all-natural protein shake!


We believe in a sustainable future. That's why we use organic and fairtrade products whenever possible. Our bar is powered by renewable energy sources, and has multiple energy saving features. Our main supplier uses electric vehicles.